Real Need

Craig Molyneaux

One of the many blessings we experience in life is the opportunity to serve Christ by serving those He loves. It not only shows His love to others, but it is very fulfilling to be able to help those in need.

As a dentist in the states, I see many who have need of dentistry and I have enjoyed my career of over 20 years doing just that. But it wasn't until I made my first trip to Belize when I learned what real need was. Life there is different. For the most part, people live in very rural villages centered around a school. Transportation is very expensive and difficult for the majority of the population. Public health care is extremely limited and requires travel to access. The natural consequence is few people experience health care at any level and the ones who do tend to be those who live nearest the larger cities where the public health providers serve. It didn't take long to become frustrated for the wonderful people of Belize.

It was on one of these trips after a long day's work that the idea of taking health care to the people was born. Not only could we take care to the people, but we could do so with modern equipment and better facilities. A mobile clinic would solve many of the issues that keep people from receiving care. A true mission was born.

Since that time, I have made many more journeys to this beautiful country to serve and have enjoyed every trip. But I am most excited to get the mobile clinic into country and really expand what can be done and where it can be done.

What a wonderful God we serve!

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