Soul Gifts

Karla Coalson

One of the most amazing gifts God has given me was allowing me the privilege to go to Belize with the dental mission team. I was very nervous about how God would use me, as it had been over 20 years since I had been involved in the dental field. The first evening in Belize I remember lying on my bed telling God I had no idea how He would put to use training I had acquired and used so long ago. The Holy Spirit reminded me that it was by His power that the mission would be accomplished and all required of me was to yield and trust Him to provide. Without fail God supplied more than I could have ever imagined. Not only did God enable me, but others with no dental background came alongside me to accomplish one of the tasks. We taught these precious teenagers how to care for their teeth. They were so grateful to receive such simple oral health education.

If someone would have looked at the circumstances surrounding me, demanding my time energy, and depleting me emotionally, they possibly would come to the conclusion that this was the wrong time for me to go on a mission trip. I did not completely realize until a few weeks after my return that the timing could not have been more perfect. You see, God not only accomplished the vision or purpose of the mission, but He met me personally there through others and gave me soul gifts of eternal value! I praise Him because He knows how and when to meet the needs of everyone of His children. His supply is generous and endless.

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