The God We Serve

Robin Lannert

Dennis and I continue to talk about you all. We were certainly blessed that The Lord intertwined our paths. It was easy to see the heart of a servant in each of you. We couldn't miss seeing your desire to put others in front of your personal needs/wants and your team unity. Thank you for the true joy to serve along side of you. We were honored and proud to be a small part of your team.

Think about this... I believe you could see that over the past 14 months Dennis and I have grown to love the children in Sittee River. Being a hygienist, my heart breaks over the dental needs that was evident but there was no way we could take care of the needs on our own. But The Lord took care of that (he always does) and brought a dental team with big smiles, open hands, willing minds and a true love for our Lord RIGHT to the door of the school to treat these kids. THATS THE GOD WE SERVE. So please, hear US say....thank you! Thank you for your service to those in need. I am so grateful The Lord opened the door to you serving in Sittee River!

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